Her Story


Brittany Gray is the founder of CommuniTEA. Originally from Greenwood, MS; life and her career have taken Brittany all across the globe. However, in 2014; her career brought her back south to Mississippi. In 2017, Brittany found herself packing up to move back to Greenwood, MS in order to be closer to family; especially her grandmother. The Mississippi Delta has always been her home and she has a deep connection with its residents along with the land. The move brought Brittany back to a particular close knit neighborhood in majority-Black, South Greenwood. It is in this community that Brittany witnessed so many residents, friends, and family members suffering from many different ailments that consisted of: obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and a host of other preventable conditions. Many residents lacked health insurance and could not regularly visit health care providers; while those who were insured relied too heavily on prescription medication. The healthcare issues of residents of her community disturbed Brittany so much that she began to research natural remedies that would allow for more holistic and affordable solutions for those in her community. It is then that Brittany discovered the power and properties of herbs and began to create herbal tea blends to address the issues of those within her community. Brittany is currently enrolled in a Community Herbalist certification program and hopes to one day open her own apothecary in the Mississippi Delta. Brittany is an avid believer that we are in control of own destinies and can heal ourselves when given natural holistic alternatives. CommuniTEA is only the beginning for Brittany.